“Dominion and awe belong to God; he establishes order in the heights of heaven.”
~ Job 25:2


Hi James and Ellen,

Do you think that it really surprised God that an angel who He had created, had elevated and had positioned in a heavenly role would become eternally tainted by the destructive pride spirit? If God has always been and if He will always be, do you think that there has ever been or that there ever will be anything that has blindsided or that will blindside God? If God is Who is systematically, continuously unrolling or unveiling every nanosecond the cosmos that He alone has ordered AND if God can only know good, how do you think that evil spirits – such as the spirit of pride, were able to slither into God’s absolute, unquestionable perfection? Your grandpaa does not have the answer. Your grandpaa would like to know the answer. Job would have liked to have known why he – after a lifetime of being a faithful God-follower, had to suffer through being emotionally dispirited when his kids were killed, had to suffer through being physically demoralized when his body was covered with sores and had to suffer through being spiritually demeaned when his three so-called friends tried to convince him that what he was experiencing was all his fault – that he had brought it upon himself because he must have done something to really tick off God. Have you ever wondered why bad things at times happen to good guys, gals and kids and why bad guys, gals and kids at times experience good things happening to them? Do you sometimes wonder if God really does not know what is happening in the cosmos or that He does not want to see or cannot see the bad that is taking place on planet Earth or that He actually enjoys inflicting pain and grief on guys, gals and kids who are living on planet Earth?

How do you think that God sees you right at this moment? Job 25 tells you how Bildad thought God saw him. Bildad thought God saw him – as well as every other guy and gal, as nothing more than maggots or worms. Do you think that God sees you as maggots or worms? Even though Bildad seemed to see himself – as well as all the guys, gals and kids who had lived, who were living and who will live on planet Earth, as have been depreciated by God to having little or no value to Him, Bildad seemed to have a glimpse of understanding when he said what is verse 2, “Dominion and awe belong to God; he establishes order in the heights of heaven.” What your grandpaa is hearing Bildad say here is that God is at war and that the war that God is orchestrating is taking place in the heavenly skies between spirit forces that cannot be seen. Your grandpaa believes that the battle that is now taking place between good and evil in the voids of space is also taking place on planet Earth. Your grandpaa cannot comprehend how it could possibly have happened or why it needed to happen but . . . the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent divine Being – Who is God, ‘allowed’ at a specific moment a mere hint of a darkness that would become known as sin to somehow make its way into His overpowering brightness. God ‘allowed’ this hint of a dark shadow – which your grandpaa may be stretching when he says that it evolved into the pride spirit that caused an angel to . . . the insidious nature or makeup of this sinister darkness – which is sin, is that it grows, overwhelms and destroys.

Because of the role that sin has played in the handiwork of the divine Being – Who is God, God established an escape – which was through Himself – as God the Son. God – as God the Son, would ‘permit’ Himself to be roughly and cruelly hung on and nailed to a cross. The death of God – as God the Son, from being brutally and heartlessly hung on and nailed to a crude cross led to God – as God the Son, arising from being dead to live once again and to provide once and for all the victory over sin and over death. When a guy, gal or kid personally accepts in his or her heart as absolute truth what God – as God the Son, did for him or her, this guy, gal or kid will have the faith spirit embedded in him or her and he or she will be unconditionally handed the eternal life gift by God – as God the Spirit. Your grandpaa was just in the country of Thailand where Buddhism and Hinduism is prevalent. Buddhist monks are often seen walking around – wrapped in an orange sheet of cloth. Buddhist monks adopt asceticism as a way of life to appease their Buddha god. If a Buddhist monk accidentally is touched by a gal or if he accidentally touches a gal, the monk is required to go through a seven day purification rite. Buddhist and Hindu temples are everywhere in Thailand. A small replica of a Buddhist temple is often seen in the yard of a Thai home. Thai is used for a guy, gal or kid who is from Thailand. Brightly colored garlands and ribbons identify a place where Hindu rites take place. A great majority of Thai guys and gals have been misled to give obeisance to false spirits that cannot possibly help them in anyway whatsoever. Bildad the Shuhite probably thought that he was helping Job when he told Job that God probably did not have time for him because of Who He is – the One Who created and Who maintains dominion over everything. Your grandmaa and grandpaa are praying that you will always have in you an undying reflection of awe and wonder that the divine Being – Who is God, especially selected you to be His very own adopted kids who will one day live with Him in heaven. All God – as God the Father, is asking of you to do is to confess your sins to Him as you unreservedly accept in your heart what His only Son – who is Jesus Christ, unmeritedly did for you when He allowed Himself to be hung on and nailed to a cross at which time the blood that poured out from His ravaged body covered your past, present and future sins as you recognize your once sinful nature and claim the new nature that God – as God the Father, gives you and the gift of eternal life that was brought about by His resurrection from death.

Job 25 (862)