“He put on righteousness as his breastplate, and the helmet of salvation on his head; he put on the garments of vengeance and wrapped himself in zeal as in a cloak.”
~ Isaiah 59:17


Hi James and Ellen,

Sins are acts of disobedience to the expectations of the Divine Being – Who is God. Sins are acts of rebellion against the expectations of God that are caused by the wiles of a fallen angel – who is Lucifer. God’s expectations are only germane or apropos to a guy, gal or kid who is a Christ-follower as God’s expectations can only be through faith in God internalized. An attraction to Lucifer – who is using the name of Satan, is seeded in the DNA of each kid who is born on planet Earth. It is through Satan’s influencers that the mind of a guy, gal or kid will be stimulated to go places outside God’s expectations for a guy, gal or kid to live a spiritually moral and ethical life. Sin is the tool that Satan utilizes to wrack havoc with the souls of every guy, gal and kid. Sin is a very insidious, sinister weapon. Opportunities to indulge in sin are everywhere. No guy, gal or kid can escape the presence of Satan’s sin bolstering evil spirits. The fallen angel – Lucifer/Satan, is in a constant battle with the Divine Being – God, for each soul that God – as God the Father, created before He created the cosmos – including planet Earth, and who He embeds in each humanoid embryo at the very moment when the embryo begins to grow and form in a gal’s womb. Satan uses sin to figuratively suck the spiritual soul out of a guy, gal or kid just as a vampire bat is able to literally suck the blood out of an animal. When a vampire bat sets up for a blood banquet from an animal, the animal does not feel what the bat is doing. When your grandmaa and grandpaa were the onsite administrators for the rural, resident Bible education and leadership training program in Concepción, Nuflo de Chávez in Bolivia, your grandpaa would assign practical ministry sites for the learning center students to go to – to put into practice what they were learning in their two week modular classes. One of the villages where your grandpaa had Centro de Capacitación students go to was Santa Mónica. It would take your grandpaa about two hours to get to Santa Mónica on his 125 Yamaha street bike. When your grandpaa went to Santa Mónica on his motorcycle with one of the Centro de Capacitación students the first time, your grandpaa went to Santa Mónica with plans to spend the night there. Your grandpaa took with him a sleeping bag to sleep in and an air mattress to sleep on. When your grandpaa woke up after the first night that he spent in Santa Mónica, a guy who lives in Santa Mónica showed your grandpaa some blood splatters that were on the ground. The blood on the ground was from the horses that had been stabled right outside the rustic building that was being used for a school where your grandpaa and the Centro de Capacitación student – who had gone with your grandpaa to Santa Mónica, had slept. The guy explained to your grandpaa that as blood is being sucked out of a horse’s neck by a vampire bat that some of the blood ends up on the ground. Even though your grandpaa had been told that he did not have to worry about the vampire bats that feast off the blood of horses that guys who are living in Santa Mónica own, your grandpaa felt rather apprehensive about going back to Santa Mónica to spend another night there. Would you go to and spend a night in a place where there are vampire bats? Would you go to a place where there are obvious sins goings-on – such as to a saloon or to an unchaperoned party or to a cinema to watch a movie that is filled with insinuations, crude language and . . . and/or to a/an . . .

Isaiah 59 is Isaiah’s sin treatise. Isaiah begins his sin thesis by saying that the Divine Being’s arm is not too short to save a guy, gal or kid who is falling into sin and that His ear is not too dull to hear a guy, gal or kid being tempted by the fallen angel’s sin spirit gofers urging the guy, gal or kid to do something that would disobey the Divine’s Being’s expectations. Because all kids are born with sin seeds already planted in their hearts, the fallen angel – Lucifer/Satan, already has a claim to a newborn baby’s soul. Satan’s sin underpinned claim separates all newborn babies from God. Satan driven sin acts cause the hands of a guy, gal or kid to become blood stained, his or her fingers to become guilt covered, his or her lips to become lie tainted, and his or her tongue to become filthy. Satan driven sin acts feast off injustices, stuff themselves with dishonesty, buttress themselves on lies and reproduce themselves through evil actions. Satan driven sin acts fight against peace, cause murders, bring about darkness and lead to no place. Satan driven sin acts abuse the heart of a guy, gal or kid – who has chosen to acquiesce and follow sin carrying spirit minions, by getting him or her to intentionally rebel against the Divine Being’s expectations, to deliberately foment oppression against the Divine Being’s expectations, to purposely lie about the Divine Being’s expectations and to knowingly turn his or her back against the Divine Being’s expectations. Satan driven sin acts are done to attempt to purge truth from a guy, gal or kid who has the Divine Being’s rebirth life implanted in him or her.

Isaiah begins the end of his sin exposition by saying that there will be a time when the Divine Being will have had enough of the sin dispenser – Satan, and Satan’s underlings. Verse 17 says, “He put on righteousness as his breastplate, and the helmet of salvation on his head; he put on the garments of vengeance and wrapped himself in zeal as in a cloak.” The emphatic warning that God – as God the Spirit, breathed on Isaiah to communicate to His specially chosen guys and gals is a time when He will repay His enemies – beginning with the fallen angel – Satan, with a horrendous retribution. This specific moment will involve the repenting and redeeming of God’s specially guys and gals. How are you opening yourselves up today to the soul vampire who wants your lifeblood? Your only defense against Satan is to claim the blood of Jesus that Jesus’ body shed for you as a ransom payment for your sins.

Isaiah 59 (812)